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  • What are the advantages of utilizing a logistics company like 3-Way Tradeshows? +

    3-Way Tradeshows and Events has the experience needed to give you a successful shipping experience. We will offer you an affordable rate, assist with all the paperwork and communicate with you every step of the way in shipping your booth and materials on-time and intact. Tradeshow shipping is all we do so we make the complicated process of getting into and out of your show site a breeze.
  • Should I ship to the advance warehouse or direct to the exhibit hall? +

    Most exhibitors ship to the exhibit hall. 3-Way Tradeshows can ship to either location: the Advanced Warehouse or Convention Center, and still save you on your shipping costs. We do recommend shipping to the Advance Warehouse as that is the first freight moved onto the show floor. There are advantages to shipping to the Advanced Warehouse however and they are: You have plenty of time to confirm that your shipment has arrived and everything is intact. These materials will be delivered to your booth prior to the official exhibitor move-in time. Delivery dates and times are more flexible.
  • Shows over, how do I get my freight back to my office? +

    When the shows over and your freight is packed, labeled, and ready to go. You have to go to the service desk and request a material handling agreement (MHA). This MHA must be filled out completely following 3-Way Tradeshows instructions and then the MHA must be turned back in at the service desk. IT CAN NOT BE LEFT IN THE BOOTH WITH YOUR FREIGHT AND 3-WAY MUST BE NOTED AS THE CARRIER ON THE MHA.
  • What is the difference between shipping and material handling? +

    Shipping is the transport of your exhibit material (freight) to the advance warehouse or event venue via a carrier of your choice. Material handling, often referred to as drayage, is the movement of your freight from the carrier to your booth and then back to the carrier at the close of the show. Freight handling includes: Unloading your materials from your carrier Storage at our warehouse for up to approximately 30 days prior to move-in Delivery of the materials to your booth The handling of empty containers to and from storage
  • Does material handling include the cost for me to ship my exhibit property? +

    No, material handling should not be confused with the costs payable to your carrier for shipping your materials to and from the show.
  • Is there a charge for material handling? +

    Yes, and material handling charges are often overlooked by exhibitors. The charges are computed based on the weight of your materials.
  • How should I label my materials for shipping to the show? +

    In most cases, you can ship either to the advance warehouse address or directly to the show. We’ll provide you labels. Whichever option you choose (advance or direct), it is important that the your labels indicate the following information: Your exhibiting name Show site or warehouse shipping address Name of show Your booth number Piece count
  • How do I ship my exhibit at the close of show? +

    Contact 3-Way Tradeshows to arrange pick up of your exhibit property. We recommend you arrange your inbound and outbound shipping at the same time if possible. Pack and label your exhibit property. Complete a 3-Way Tradeshows Bill of Lading for each destination. The Bill of Lading provides us essential information about your shipment(s).
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